Panache is a long distance rally without assistance. Starting June 14th in Brussels, arrival June 25th in Nice.

A perfect introduction to the world of ultra-cycling.

You will be able to compete in solo, or enjoy the ride as the team.

A race from Brussels to Nice to celebrate the Tour by making the jonction between Brussels Grand Départ & Nice Grand Départ in 2020.

We think that the greatest homage possible to the tour is to going back to its roots, by remembering Henri Desgrange’s original race format. When, for exemple, on the first one in 1903, Maurice Garin has won the first étape after 17h and 45 minutes of a hard gravel riding and approximate navigation between Paris and Lyon, on a 20kg+ fixed gear bike. That was a wild time for cycling: let’s be wild again.

It will basically be a giant orientation race, but carrying lots of food on the bike.