We chose to use pretty much the now classic and proven 10 basic rules established years ago by the TRANSCONTINENTAL race and used since then by all the serious ultra cycling event.

All riders must meet these 10 rules in order to be awarded a completion and finishing time for the Panache Rally.

  1. Ride from the designated start line to the designated finish via the control points specified on the Manifesto.
  2. No 3rd party support, private lodgings or resupply.  All food, drink and equipment must be carried or acquired at commercially available services.
  3. No drafting (other than teams with their team mates).
  4. All forward travel overland must be human powered.
  5. The following ferry services are permitted – Direct river crossings.
  6. All riders must maintain evidence of their ride.
  7. 2+ days of inactivity without report to the Race Director will be deemed a scratch.
  8. Travel insurance, cycle helmets and lights are mandatory.
  9. Riders must know and observe all local traffic laws.
  10. Ride in the spirit of self reliance and equal opportunity.